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 Art & Craft, Cultural, Recreational and More

Art and Crafts

  • Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities that involve doing things with their own hands, our clients enjoy and learn skills such as putting together figures with different materials, coloring, sewing or knitting, making jewelry like bracelets and necklaces according to each season of the year and the best thing is that every work done can be shared with their families by taking home what they have done.
  • Each year, clients put their creativity by participating in decorating the doors for Christmas and decorating the boxes for Fiesta Floats, the best and most creative win prizes, and gifts.


  • Each year we take our clients to observe the passion of Christ in Mission San Jose, regardless of the religious beliefs of our clients, they participate, they enjoy and learn about the death and crucifixion of Jesus.

  •  We take our clients to the Carver Community Center Presentations, starting that season in October and ending in May, we get free tickets to attend all the musical and cultural presentations, we are pleased to see our clients learn and enjoy each one of the presentations.
  • Around the year we visited museums, parks and natural areas of San Antonio.
  • Every year we celebrate mothers day with a special meal at Golden Corral, it is very important to celebrate this day as a family. 

  • A Christmas Picture Day is already a tradition, the clients have the opportunity to wear their best outfit and give us their best expression on that day,  on our Christmas Party we give them their photographs as a special gift for Christmas holidays.


  • Every day after breakfast we practice physical exercises, either with Zumba, chair exercises, or walks to the natural areas near our premises.
  • The dance is one of the exercises that the clients enjoy more, every Friday the clients have the freedom to choose which activity they want to practice, and of course, the preferred one is the dance.

Recreational and Entertainment

  •  Each year we participate in Fiesta Special, we take our clients to enjoy this tradition of Fiesta San Antonio, and seeing our clients share this experience with other people with disabilities is satisfaction in which we can say that it is worth all our effort to do the possible.
  • During the summer we take our clients to natural and recreational parks such as Mission Park, Pearsall Park, Harlandale Park, where we sing, dance, and enjoy a picnic lunch.
  • In the week of Easter, our Easter party we celebrate spending all day in the Harlandale Park, where we have raffles of gifts, we have a pinata, eggs hunt, breakfast, and food on the park, and the best satisfaction is to see that our clients are exhausted and do not want to go home.
  • Clients like to participate and demonstrate their talents in our talent show, it is amazing the enthusiasm of clients to demonstrate everything they are capable to do.
  • Once a month clients enjoy the current movies of the Billboard cinema on City Base Movie Theater, is equal to a movie day with family and friends, having fun and enjoy.

Parties and celebrations

  • The last Friday of each month we celebrate the birthday of the clients with DJ, cake, and a special lunch for them.
  • On Valentine's Day, we have our party with DJ and clients choose the King and Queen of the center by voting among them, giving the winners a special treatment like the King and Queen of Valentine's Day.
  • Once a month we organize for the ladies a "Girls Tea Party", making them feel special and important with ladies' talks and advice.
  • Clients like to participate and demonstrate their talents in our talent show, it is amazing the enthusiasm of clients to demonstrate everything they are capable to do.


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